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Whereas: Due to the immense and alarming disappearance of vegetation in the world, especially in the tropics, where there is a marked abundance of life, we humans, having mental capacity and ability to reason, have to speak up in the defence of all living beings on earth, particularly on behalf of plants, which is at the same time in our own interest.
Whereas: It has been shown that - as the world population grows - the economic development of humans occurs at the expense of Nature. For that reason it is important to take immediate action to reduce the damage caused to Nature.

Whereas: Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, that is vital for life on earth. Tropical forests are particularly important because they are large oxygen producers in the world.

Whereas: Plants are also involved in the water cycle. At higher altitudes in the tropics there are cloud forests, that give rise to a large number of rivers, consequently the vegetation there is vital.

Whereas: The agricultural practice of "slash and burn" causes damage and reduces soil quality and nutrients levels, reducing its productivity.

Whereas: The uncontrolled exploitation of timber for firewood and over-grazing of animals contributes to the desertification of the land.

Whereas: Indiscriminate mining and the excessive use of chemical fertilizers may contaminate rivers, lakes and seas causing great changes in the balance of the marine biodiversity as has occurred with the catastrophic flowering of micro algae (e.g. in the North Atlantic) and the excessive propagation of aquatic plants.

Whereas: Individuals of the animal kingdom, including humans, live mostly on plants, even if they are not 100% vegetarians.

Whereas: Plants are beings that respond to a variety of stimulus, are capable of perceiving light, and have developed their wonderful harmonious workings in close connection with their environment. These extraordinary beings share the world with us and even share almost one fifth of their genes with us.